How Social Is Your Bookmarking?

The top social bookmarking sites all play to one specific feature. They are there to collect content. Any social bookmarking site is going to be about adding, editing, annotating, and then sharing bookmarks of web documents. A web document can be a link to a particular post in a blog, or a recipe, even just a picture. The site allows you to collect them, organize them, group them, and then share them, all from one central base of operations.

Some bookmark sites that you may be familiar with are Delicious, Pinterest, Digg, Reddit and Faves. As of 2011, both Reddit and Digg were ranked in the top 300 most trafficked sites on the internet by Alexa. And as of the writing of this article, Pinterest has an Alexa ranking of 26 out of 500 in the world. Clearly social bookmarking sites are still growing in popularity. And who can blame the world population?

Social bookmarking was the next big craze after everyone began to get bored and annoyed with Facebook. Social bookmarking swept in and took its place. It puts a little more personality and feeling back into social media, after all.

You do not get Happy Birthdays from people whom you never even spoke to in high school. You do not get spam pictures of a baby or food at a restaurant, or political ramblings, or life confessions. There is no such thing as a cry for help on social bookmarking. That is what separates the users of the two different platforms. If you want a social media experience that is narcissistic and self centered, stick with Facebook.

But if you want to share meaningful content, inspirations, craft and recipe ideas, scoot on over to something like Pinterest. There is no unending cacophony of noise. People are not screaming LOOK AT ME with every post they publish. Social bookmarking is more a community of collaborators and appreciators. And no matter the subjects and pins and posts, you will find something worthwhile, informative, and most likely inspiring.