How Up to Date Are You on Social Media? Do You Have an Account for a Social Bookmarking Site?

Did you know that different types of social media can be broken into different categories. For example, Twitter, Pinterest, and its more masculine Manterest, are known as social bookmarking sites. Social bookmark sites are just as the name implies. They allow you to collect and categorize your favorite things found on the internet, all located in one centralized and convenient spot. Even if you did not know that it had a specific name, I bet you have been using at least one of these for some time now.

The difference between social bookmark sites and the rest of social media is that you get to express yourself and your personality through the media of other things found across the internet. You are not limited to posting about yourself and being inundated by people that you have not seen since high school and their birthdays and frat party photos. As insipid as it may have seemed at first, Twitter really has become a great platform for many fantastic causes. And the inspirational craft culture that has sprouted throughout Pinterest really is a sight to behold.

One of my favorite things about Pinterest. You can have individual boards on there that you can set a certain theme to. You can have one for wedding ideas, which every one of my female friends has. You can have one for healthy recipes. One for desserts. One for knitting. Another for crocheting. And one for leprechaun inspired outdoor patio furniture. Seriously, you can post anything that you find on the internet.

Social bookmarking offers a new, fun, and often more intelligent, way to share and enjoy the capabilities of social media. By sharing things that interest you, you can connect and learn from others who possess the same interests. From there you can create a whole social media bookmarking web, and there is no end to the resources you can find that way.