Three Reasons to Use a Bookmark Site to Help Reach Your Students

Using a bookmark site in the classroom is a great idea for teachers. Rather than trying to fight the tide of digitalization, teachers should embrace it, and use it as a means to reach their students to teach them.

A bookmark site is a web service that allows users to save their favorite webpages, or rather to bookmark them, and then add annotations to the documents. This service could be used with great success in the classroom for a few reasons.

1. Accessibility. Creating a profile on the top social bookmarking sites will allow you to access your favorite sites, pages, and web docs with ease from anywhere. This means that students can easily reopen any online research that they did in class, making it easier to finish writing their papers by allowing them to pick up right where they left off.

2. Sharing. You can share your favorite web pages with your students to help guide them in the right direction for their research. On a bookmark site, you can share the resources that you want your students to use, rather than letting them sink or swim out in cyber space.

3. Idea lists. You can compile a list of articles for take home reading, or a compilation of research on the bookmark site. Or, if you have an idea for a lesson plan, but not enough time to really finish it and you stumble across a great site for it, you can save the bookmark to your idea list and return to it later.

These are just three of the dozens of reasons to use a bookmark site in school. Embracing technology is a must for contemporary teaching methods. Do any readers want to discuss reasons to use a bookmark site not mentioned in this article? What are some other ways you can utilize a bookmark site for the classroom?